hey im 17 i just got clean off pot and got into self spiritualism im abit of a hippie i love camping and being closer to the mother and i collect her crystals



favourite unpopular characters meme ➤ a character you love you love who is often villianised for their relationships.

River Song, Doctor Who.

It’s not at all uncommon for a writer to get a ton of publicity for one book and then not get as much for the next one. I don’t worry about that because I try to worry about the one single part of the job I can control: the writing of the book. If I do that well, I feel, good tidings generally will follow and readers will stick with me.

Jeff Abbott (via kushandwizdom)

Our modern life in cities is an abrupt and violent change from what the race has been bred to these many thousands of years. We come from a line of forebears who, back to a far-distant past, were hunters in the forest, herdsmen on the plains, shepherds in the hills, tillers of the soil, or fishermen or sailors at sea; and however adaptive the human mind may be, these human bodies of ours still stubbornly insist on obeying the same laws that Father Adam’s did.

Horace Kephart, The Book of Camping and Woodcraft (via cosmic-rebirth)